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Dear Cast,
the treatments physiotherapy and therapist massage take place on the 3rd floor in room „Massagezimmer/Probezimmer 1“. On exceptional occasions they can be transferred to the 5th floor, room „Probezimmer 2“. If this is the case you will be informed prior to your appointment. Please bring all doctor’s notes on your current physical issue(s) with you if existing.
Costs: If the cause of your physical issue is related to the current show or the rehearsals related to it the VBW take over all costs for the therapeutic treatment. In any other case you have to pay a deductible of €12,50/30min.
Your therapist, Mag.(FH) Herbert Klügl, is looking forward to seeing you.
Please get registered now in order to make (and also cancel!) appointments online any time in the future. Therefore:

  1. press „Registrieren
  2. create a user name + give a mailing address
  3. you will receive a confirmation-mail including a password
  4. use your user name + password for login
  5. while being logged in you can create your own password

If you have any questions concerning the procedure please text or call 0664 75036264.

You can book an appointment a maximum of 3 weeks in advance and at the latest 6 hours before it takes place.
For a 30min-appointment please book one slot, for a 60min-appointment please book two slots.

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